About Our Breeding Program

Our goal is to bring you well socialized, confident, friendly puppies that are healthy and structurally sound, and the right match for your family.


Pomskies are a fairly new breed from the crossing of Pomeranians and Huskies. Both foundation breeds are prone to hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. All of our breeding dogs have been tested for these common issues, as well as undergoing DNA disease panels to ensure we are not going to pass along hereditary problems to our puppies.


We are most focused on maintaining the body structure of our dogs. In following of the standards set forth by the International Pomsky Association, we aim to produce moderately sized, powerful, northern breed dogs with substantial bone mass, small pointed standing ears, and typical husky-style masks and markings. We are currently working with plush and wooly coat types.


No good dog is a bad color! The IPA recognizes all colors so long as they meet structure requirements, but the ideal dog has a white or cream base with a generally symmetrical mask, and markings on the head and body as is the husky standard. We are currently breeding black and white, fawn sable, silver, red, and solid white. We hope to add blue, grey, lavendar, and wolf sable in the future.


The right attitude goes a long way! Just like our founding girls, Zoey and Bella, we strive to breed dogs that are trainable, loyal, family-oriented, laid back, and cuddly. These traits are what brought us to the decision to begin this journey!

Meet Our Furry Family!

These dogs are our pride and joy. Each one lives a lavish lifestyle as a pampered pet, either in our own homes or in specially screened guardian homes for the comfort and happiness of each dog.

The Ladies

All of our beautiful adult females. Each girl is specially chosen for health and temperament as part of our program.


Black and white with blue eyes and a silky, wooly coat. 18lb

Zoey is a laid back girl who loves to cuddle and lay on the couch. We are excited for her to pass along her go-with-the-flow attitude and beautiful black mask to her puppies.



Fawn sable with brown eyes and a wooly coat. 14lb

Bella is the absolute fluffiest dog. We just love how plush and huggable she is! She is sweet and laid back, but she never forgets to bark at the UPS man.



Black and white with blue eyes and a wooly coat.

Mishka is our newest upcoming female. She is a fun, energetic, bouncy little fluff ball! Living her best life in a guardian home in Wisconsin,  we hope to welcome her first litter in late 2024.



Black and white with blue eyes and a wooly coat.

Tala is a future Mama with us. She is living a wonderful life with a Guardian home in Illinois.  We hope to have puppies with her in late 2024.  



Black and white with bi-eyes and a plush coat.  

Sabine has joined our program for her last litter.  She comes to us all the way from our friends at Playful Pomskies in Texas.  She will have her last litter with early 2024 and then she will be retired into a forever home.  If you are interested in being her forever home please message us.  She is a very loving, laid back, beautiful girl who is ready to give you love.    


The Gentlemen

All these handsome men to sire beautiful litters with our ladies!


Silver with brown eyes and a super fluffy, wooly coat. 

We co-own this gorgeous boy with our friends at Perfect Companion Pomskies. He is still a puppy, but we can already tell he is going to be a heart-throb! Ozzy is living his best life at a guardian home in Wisconsin.



Black and white with blue eyes and a wooly coat.

River is a laid back, quiet guy. We co-own this handsome stud with our friends at Perfect Companion Pomskies. He enjoys laying on the couch and snuggling with the kids in his guardian home in Illinois, just waiting for the next time he gets to join one of the ladies for "date night."



Black and white with blue eyes and a standard coat.

Timber is incredibly laid back, intelligent, and sweet. He is adored in his guardian home in Illinois.  He has sired some absolutely beautiful pups with our friends at RunAmok Farms and we can't wait to see what he brings to our program.


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